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Call of Duty

Hello guys, today we will share how to get free points by using a trick in Call of Duty Mobile. You can find many such tricks on the net but this trick which we are going to share is very easy and actually work.

People need points in Call of Duty to buy different items from the store and they have spent money to buy these points but everyone cannot spend money and they search for free points. Therefore, today we will share this trick which anyone can easily use.

What is the Use of Points in Call Of Duty?

In the Call of Duty series, points are used to measure a player’s progress and performance in the game. Points are typically awarded for completing objectives, killing enemies, and assisting teammates. Players can use points to unlock new weapons, attachments, perks, and other items in the game.

Points are also used to determine a player’s ranking or level within the game, with higher levels unlocking more content and features. Some Call of Duty games also feature a points system for in-game currency, which can be used to purchase cosmetic items or other bonuses.

Free CP in COD Mobile

Codes are used to get free points, gifts, skins, or guns. These codes are available on different platforms like groups, game events, and tournaments and sometimes developers give them to their users. People also buy these codes to retrieve points, skins, tools, guns, etc.

So don’t wait and waste your money and time and get free unlimited COD Points.

How to Get Free CP in COD Mobile 2023, CP Gratis COD Mobile 2023, Free COD Points?

So guys this trick is very simple, let’s do this trick right now,

  • The first thing we will do is open these settings,
  • Then go back to the legal and privacy section,
  • Click on terms of use, and then scroll down till the end,
  • Do the same with the privacy policy and then go back,
  • free-cod-points
  • Copy your player ID,
  • Go back again, click on CLAN, and create a new CLAN, like this “/FREECODPOINTS” and click on done, free-cod-points
  • When you click on done, “Let’s play together” appears, delete this, and type /Your ID with FREECP2021, Like “ABCFREECP2021” When you have done this, you will go to the preference tab and select MULTIPLAYER and create Clan, free-cod-points
  • Then go back to the main menu,
  • Open the chat, and type in the chat section, “/Your ID with FREECP2021” then go back, do not send this message, this message will remain in the draft, free-cod-points
  • Go to the Store, click on the COD POINTS you want, Cancel the payment and blow message will appear, free-cod-points
  • Go back, then Click on the MULTIPLAYER tab, and select any random
    game, it doesn’t matter which game mode you selected, you only need to open the game right now, open the settings while playing the game, quit the match,
  • Reload your COD Mobile, and you will get your Free COD Points.

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Call of Duty Gameplay

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Getting free in-game resources is not much easy task but if you follow the complete guidelines, we are sure you will get lots of free COD points. There are many tools that can generate lots of free CP but this is not the safe way if the system identifies your account as spammy your account will be banned. We hope you guys find this trick very useful. We will keep sharing more tricks and tips and for this, you should keep visiting our website.

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